Welcome to cc: components, the premier source for carbon bicycle components.

Here you’ll find nearly everything you could possibly imagine rendered in carbon fiber: handlebars, seatposts, stems, spokes, pedals, bearings, handlebar tape, and yes, even cables and housing. We source our items direct from the manufacturer to ensure the highest levels of quality. Even though we offer these items to you consumer-direct, cc: is no bargain basement label.

On the contrary, you can proudly boast to your riding partners that you spent top dollar (in some cases more) on some of the most premium bits on the market – because if it’s more expensive, it must be better, right?

And even though you’re spending your rent money on bike parts, you can also rest assured that cc: components are backed by the most extensive warranty in the business.

If you break it, crash it, wreck it, overtorque it, or just plain get mad at it one day...never fear. Just send us the sadly abused part and we’ll send you a brand-new one as long as you own it. Since our costs are so low, we can afford to keep you outfitted with as many replacement parts as you’ll ever need and we’ll still be able to make the payments on our new Bimmers.

So sit back and relax and browse our extensive catalog. Chances are you’ll find just what you’re looking for and more here – and we’ll be more than happy to take your money.